About Anca

Anca Barbu is an abstract modern day artist originally from Romania. She has been painting for over ten years and has been featured in over 15 galleries in NYC and Miami as well as internationally in Spain Italy and Romania.  As a self taught painter, Anca moved to NYC at 20 to pursue her art career.  Inspired by other great artists and the modern world, Anca has been able to adapt her own style while admiring and learning the classic masters.

As an active member of the art world, Anca has participated in several art events where she has painted live, done shows and exhibited her latest pieces. Anca has also painted several murals in different spots in the Miami art district of Wynwood.

As a way to make her art more accessible to the everyday public, Anca has started the creative company BrushCases, where she hand paints cellular phone covers for hundreds of people monthly.  Anca also started customizing designer handbags for many high end customers recently based on popular demand.  She is working on building her handbag collection daily.  Besides working on her big pieces, Anca creates small works of art daily in her Miami studio for all different type of crowds and people.

Featured in many galleries and shops Anca constantly looks for new opportunities in the art world and continues to be an active member of the creative society.  Her recent projects include T-Mobile sponsorship for Art Basel as well as new nature inspired paintings with coral from Irma and sand from South Beach. She is always trying to add new elements to the traditional style of painting.

You can always find Anca at the local Wynwood artisan markets as well as other national craft shows all over the country. She is always open for new work opportunities and commissioned pieces so feel free to contact her with any art inquiry and she will be glad to help.