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Everything is better with a new extra large leather handbag. It's not everyday a leather handbag is so special that you can't help but name it after one of your favorite, most special friends. Introducing, the Nicole leather tote bag by Anca Barbu. Nicole tote bag has style and elegance. It's a gorgeous bag for everyday style. This handbag is made by expert leather artisans with top quality epi leather. This bag also has an extra small pocket inside, lots of space for you to carry all you need inside this beautiful handbag. In Nicole style meets functionality. Besides, it has the detail you only get from a handbag painted by an artist. Meant to be carried and shown off, this bag will quickly become best bag at all of your events. Leather goods are a staple that has been seen on every style icon's list for decades and will continue to be a style mainstay. Leather products also wear well along the years, all while they get better with age. Nicole comes in one size, extra large. It measures 13 x 6 x 10 inches, includes a matching silk scarf, and also has an adjustable shoulder strap. Bags with one long strap can be wore over your shoulder or in handbag style by wearing it on your arm or in the other style by wearing it cross-style while tucked in your arm. Alternatively, the strap can be detached or tucked into your bag while wearing it at your side. Wherever you go with this bag, it has style written all over it, and you are guaranteed to get lots of "wow" looks and lots of questions.